Maps of Boreholes


2012 Samoylov

The maps of boreholes display the location of all Thermal State of Permafrost (TSP) monitoring sites contained in the GTN-P database. The maps also provide a colour-coded legend for different borehole depths:

    • 0-10 m
    • 10-25 m
    • 25-125 m
    • deeper than 125 m.


Arctic Borehole

 GTN P map TSP Arctic

This map shows the boreholes sites contained in the GTN-P Database.

Open the full sized map here.


Antarctic Borehole

GTN P map TSP Antarctic

This map shows the boreholes sites contained in the GTN-P Database.

Download the full sized PNG picture here.


Download KML (Google Earth layer)


By clicking on the single boreholes, an information window opens displaying borehole code, depth, site name, permafrost zone and spatial location. The link "Responsible person" opens a window in Google Earth displaying the citation of the specific borehole including responsible person(s), institution, and contact information. The link "More information" opens a window in Google Earth which is directly linked to the GTN-P database displaying the whole information of the borehole and appendent data.


Download shapefiles (GIS layer)

arcmap icon

The shapefiles can be opened in (Q)GIS and show the distribution of all boreholes contained in the database in the WGS 84 projection. The attribute table contains information on country, latitude and longitude.


 CSV (Comma Separated Values)


Contains information on all TSP monitoring sites (name, ID, GTN-P code, depth, site, country, permafrost zone, spatial location, and responsible person). 


Strategy and Implementation Plan