National Correspondents

The data report within GTN-P is facilitated through the involvement of National Correspondents which have been nominated by their country. These persons are associated with major observing systems and they are representing their nations within the decision‐making at the GTN‐P coordination level.

Excerpt from the GTN-P strategy and implementation plan:

    • National Correspondents shall be proposed by the country.
    • National Correspondents shall foster the implementation of the GTN‐P strategy in their country
    • National Correspondents shall be responsible for stimulating and coordinating the collection of data and reporting by the individual investigators
    • National Correspondents shall maintain tight contacts with relevant institutions and funding agencies in their country and the IPA national Adhering Bodies


Dario Trombotto IANIGLA-CCT CONICET Argentina This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Claudia Riedl Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik Austria claudia.riedl(at)
Carlos Ernesto Schaefer Universidade Federal de Viçosa Brazil carlos.schaefer(at)
Antoni Lewkowicz University of Ottawa Canada alewkowi(at)
Louis-Philippe Roy Yukon College
Canada lroy(at)
Huijun Jin Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences China hjjin(at)
Qingbai Wu Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences China qbwu(at)
Lin Zhao Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, CAS China linzhao(at)
Thomas Ingeman-Nielsen Technical University of Denmark Denmark tin(at)
Jan Hjort   Finland hjort(at)
Xavier Bodin Laboratoire EDYTEM, CNRS / Université de Savoie France xavier.bodin(at)
Philippe Schoeneich Institut de Géographie Alpine France Philippe.Schoeneich(at)
Michael Krautblatter Technische Universität München Germany m.krautblatter(at)
Georg Schwamborn Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Potsdam Germany Georg.Schwamborn(at)
Mauro Guglielmin Insubria University Italy mauro.guglielmin(at)
Atsushi Ikeda University of Tsukuba Japan aikeda(at)
Mamoru Ishikawa Hokkaido University Japan mishi(at)
Ryskul Usubaliev Central-Asian Institute of Applied Geosciences Kyrgyz Republic r.usubaliev(at)
Jamabaljav Yamkhin   Mongolia jambaljav(at)
Ko van Huissteden VU University, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences Netherlands j.van.huissteden(at)
Megan Balks   New Zealand erth1270(at)
Hanne H. Christiansen The University Centre in Svalbard, UNIS Norway hanne.christiansen(at)
Ketil Isaksen Norwegian Meteorological Institute Norway ketil.isaksen(at)
Grzegorz Rachlewicz Institute of Geoecology and Geoinformation Adam Mickiewicz University Poland grzera(at)
Goncalo Vieira CEG/IGOT - University of Lisbon Portugal vieira(at)
Pedru Urdea Universitatea de Vest, Facultatea de Chimie, Biologie, Geografie Romania urdea(at)
Dmitry Drozdov Earth Cryosphere Institute Russia ds_drozdov(at)
Dmitry Sergeev IEG RAS Russia sergueevdo(at)
Michael Zheleznyak   Russia fe1956(at)
Pavel Konstantinov Permafrost Institute SB RAS Russian Federation konst109y(at)
Galina Malkova Earth Cryosphere Institute SB RAS Russian Federation galina_malk(at)
Sang-Jong Park Korea Polar Research Institute South Korea sangjong(at)
Miguel Ramos Mathematic and Physics Deparment. Alcalá University Spain miguel.ramos(at)
Margareta Johansson Lund University/Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Sweden margareta.johansson(at)
Reynald Delaloye University of Fribourg Switzerland reynald.delaloye(at)
Tristam C. Hales   United Kingdom HalesT(at)
William Cable University of Alaska Fairbanks, GI USA wlcable(at)
Frank Urban USGS USA furban(at)


Ingo Hartmeyer
alpS - Center for Climate Change Adaptation Austria ingo-hartmeyer(at)
Alexandre Bevington British Columbia Government Canada alexandre.bevington(at)
Katerine Grandmont Department of Geography, Université de Montréal Canada katerine.grandmont(at)
Luo Dongliang CAREERI, SKLFSE, CAS China luodongliang(at)
Olli Karjalainen Department of Geography, University of Oulu Finland olli.karjalainen(at)
Florence Magnin PermaFrance France florence.magnin(at)
Josefine Lenz Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research Germany Josefine.Lenz(at)
Graham Gilbert The University Centre in Svalbard Greenland grahamg(at)
Murataly Duishonakunov Department of Physical Geography, Kyrgyz National University Kyrgyz Republic dmuratalyt(at)
Fiona Shanhun Science Programme Advisor New Zealand f.shanhun(at)
Sarah Strand University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) Svalbard sarah.strand(at)
Krzysztof Rymer Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań Poland krzysztof.rymer(at)
Alexey Maslakov Lomonosov Moscow State University Russia alekseymaslakov(at)
Antonio Molina University of Alcalá (Madrid) Spain antonyomol(at)
Cécile Pellet PERMOS Switzerland cecile.pellet(at)
Kelsey Nyland Michigan State University USA kelseynyland(at)

Strategy and Implementation Plan