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Here, you find a permafrost link list.



All about frozen ground - comprehensive and well written information on permafrost provided by the National Snow & Ice Data Center giving an excellent overview of the interrelations of permafrost and climate, ecology, and people and much more. A good read when you are just starting to learn about permafrost. 

PAGE21 Infographics and more - a set of very good descriptive graphics explaining the formation of permafrost features, coastal erosion, microbial activity and remote sensing.


Permafrost in areas of the world

Permafrost in Alaska, U.S.A. - Permafrost Lab Website

Permafrost in Canada - Interview with permafrost scientist Sharon Smith

Permafrost in the Alps - the alpine-wide permafrost monitoring network permaNET

Permafrost in Russia - Description of Russian Permafrost by Vladimir Kotlyakov and Tatyana Khromova

Permafrost in Mongolia - Abstract of the second international symposium on mountain and arid land permafrost

Permafrost in Norway - Description of the Norwegian permafrost database NORPERM

Permafrost in Sweden - An article about a newly discovered microbe found in the thawing permafrost of a mire in North Sweden

Permafrost in Antarctica - An article discussiong the issue of permafrost melting faster than expected in Antarctica





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