Data Security

There are several levels of data security:


Access Hierarchy 

Firstly, three levels of hierarchy are present:

1. Site manager

2. National Correspondent (find list here)

3. Database Administrator (find list here)

Note: The detalis of the privileges of the hierarchy groups need to be discussed further.


Country Restriction

Next, we have implemented a country restriction in the database: When logged in, you are only allowed to upload/manipulate data to monitoring sites which lie in the country you that is associated you. Note: The country that holds the authority of the object is determinant.


Backup copy of the Data

It is planned to store a backup copy at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany.

Furthermore, there are different levels of backups. One idea is to use pgpool-II to perform a replication of the data. Different replication modes are available.

Strategy and Implementation Plan