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Welcome to the GTN-P Database. This tutorial explains how to add a new/edit an existing site. Every borehole and active layer monitoring site is assigned to a site. A site can contain both a single or several objects which are located in a certain area. The site coordinates (bounding box) of the site is calculated by the expansion of the containing objects.

Note: presently, only national correspondents can add/edit entries in the GTN-P database.

Adding a new/editing a site in the GTN-P Database (Download PDF)


Log in with your username and password (upper right corner). To request a username and password please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

After logging in, click on Button „Sites“.

An overview of all existing sites will open, alphabetically ordered. (You can search for entries or sort entries.)

gtnp database sites


Add new site:

In order to add a new site , click on the „Add new“ button in the upper right corner. Some of the metadata are marked with an asterisk which indicates mandatory metadata. All other are optional metadata, however, note that the more fields you fill out the higher your site will be ranked in the metadata completeness/data quality index.

gtnp database sites add

Find information on the metadata in the controlled vocabulary.

On the right side you see a map and coordinate fields. By clicking on a pin on the map the corresponding site information opens. You don‘t have to enter coordinates. The site coordinates are calculated from the availabe observation objects within.

Click on „Save Site“ when you are finished entering the site information.


Edit site:

In order to edit an existing site, click on „Edit“. Note: presently you can only edit sites authorized by the country assigned to your user account. Here, you can edit the information of your site and/or add boreholes, active layers, and ancillary measurements.

(Note: In order to delete an object from a site you have to edit the object information itself.)

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