GTN-P PAGE21 WP8 meeting minutes 20 June 2014 Évora, Portugal

Download the protocol here.


The work package 8 meeting was held on 20 June 2014 in Évora, Portugal. Participants were: Hugues Lantuit, Vladimir Romanovsky, Gerhard Krinner, Jean-Pierre Lanckman, and Boris Biskaborn. The participants discussed the issues of NetCDF files for modellers, DOIs, the ESSD-paper on metadata statistics, data embargo, interactions with national correspondents, and the GTN-P website.



Protocols and good practices
Good and consistent working protocols and practices create the base for a successful usage of the data by a data management system.
Maps and Graphics
Useful Geospatial Layers produced by the Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (GTN-P) or related to permafrost studies. We provide the downloads as different file types.
GTN-P - Database
Free central database for permafrost monitoring parameters. It is the one-stop location where the researcher can find data, metadata, and information of all relevant parameters for a specific site.
Global Monitoring Systems and Projects within PAGE21
Overview on international monitoring components (CALM, TSP) managed within the GTN-P database and global monitoring systems (DUE Permafrost, FLUXNET, INTERACT).

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