New maps online

Boreholes density Arctic small

We have been busy producing new maps during the last days showing the monitoring sites contained in the GTN-P Database in front of diverse backgrounds: climate change models, soil organic carbon distribution. Furthermore, we have produced maps indicating the places with the highest borehole and active layer monitoring site densities. You can find the new maps in the "Maps and Graphics" section.

Protocols and good practices
Good and consistent working protocols and practices create the base for a successful usage of the data by a data management system.
Maps and Graphics
Useful Geospatial Layers produced by the Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (GTN-P) or related to permafrost studies. We provide the downloads as different file types.
GTN-P - Database
Free central database for permafrost monitoring parameters. It is the one-stop location where the researcher can find data, metadata, and information of all relevant parameters for a specific site.
Global Monitoring Systems and Projects within PAGE21
Overview on international monitoring components (CALM, TSP) managed within the GTN-P database and global monitoring systems (DUE Permafrost, FLUXNET, INTERACT).

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